Eggmole spread

Food soundtrack: Big Time Sensuality by Bjork

Who doesn’t like avocados?  Oh, the eye-popping green color alone is so pretty, and how can you compare the taste and consistency to anything?  Avocado just enhances any food be it a salad, sandwich or Mexican food.  Personally I can just eat an avocado scooping it out with a spoon.  The texture is just so sensual.

It’s a shame avocados can be a little pricy depending on where you love in the world, it limits how often I buy avocados.

As I have established by now, my Norwegian eating habits is something I just can’t break and I will be doing many Scando inspired recipes here.  As much as I am half Thai I still prefer bread to rice soup for breakfast. If it is one thing Norwegians eat more than anything it is bread with spread, and we love our dark healthy breads.

I am used to bread with spread for breakfast, lunch and snack. Living in Bangkok it can be hard at times to get hold of real rustic bread but there are some places.  Usually a bit pricy, but what I do is slice em up and put it in the freezer ready to pop in the toaster when I need a slice.  Plus with the heat here it defrosts everything quickly.

I love myself a good spread on my bread slice and the supermarkets in Scandinavia has so many choices you truly can’t find anywhere else in the world.

My eggmole spread is a little invention I made up a few years ago as I craved some bread with something luscious on it.  This little mix is easy and tastes just divine on a piece of toasted bread.  Because I had some leftover cream cheese I used that as a base instead of butter, gotta spoil myself with the little things.

This also works wonderfully as a canapé

What you need.

  • 1 hardboiled egg, I prefer to chill it in the fridge for a while before I use it.
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 1/2 tsp mustard
  • 1 tsp mayonnaise

1. Mash all the above ingredients together in a bowl and you are ready to go.  Allow yourself a greedy serving on a nice piece of toast.  Easy peasy.

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