Open seafood sandwich with dill mayonaise

Food soundtrack: Beyond the sea by Bobby Darrin

I continue to express how much I love and miss Norwegian food while I live in Bangkok.  There is such a long list of food I miss and most of them are the seafood dishes.  It’s not that you can’t get great seafood in Thailand, you can.  But there is something about the freshness of Norwegian seafood.  The quality is really like no other.  My favorite sea foods are the brown trout, cray fish, rakafisk (fermented fish) and the Norwegian shrimp.

Traditionally this is a dish everyone enjoys for dinner during a hot summers day.  All you need is shrimp, loaf, mayonnaise and lemon.  The Norwegian shrimp is cooked in salt water which gives this unique flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

Today I made my own little take on it.

I used the following

  • 6 peeled uncooked tiger shrimps
  • 4 scallops
  • some ebiko shrimp roe to sprinkle over
  • 1 1/” cup of water
  • 1/4 cup of salt
  • fresh dill
  • mayonnaise
  • french loaf
  • lemon
  • leaf lettuce

1. Mix water, dill (I use a good amount) and the salt in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. When reached boiling point poach the shrimp in and leave for about 5 minutes. I tend to leave the shrimp in the water ix and refrigerate it.

2. Sear the scallops.

3. Mix together some dill and mayo then assemble your sandwich with all the other ingredients.

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