About Michele

Mother Michelina is a nickname given to me by my friends.

Over the years I have taken great pleasure in cooking for my friends.  I am by no means at all educated in culinary arts or any kind of chef, I just have a profound love for cooking. When I was living in Norway I used to cook allot for my friends and make sure they were fed properly.  I became mother.

Because I am half Thai/half Norwegian I have been exposed to two wonderful and different cuisines in our household growing up.  I come from a family where all the women love to cook and I have been fortunate to found love for cooking as well.  I am not professional so I will try my best at describing my recipes.

I have mostly worked with music all my life, be it singing or presenting music as a television host.  I love music as much as food. You can hear me every morning on  the radio at WAVE fm 88 in Bangkok.  I also have a background in modelling and I really want to show women obsessed with their body image that you can in fact eat good and still keep your shape, the treadmill is your friend.

My other love is photography and I thought this would be a great place to combine the 4 things I love; Music, food, photography and writing.

The dishes I cook are either famous recipes with my own little twist, I also love trying out recipes from friends or from magazines and books.

I love Nigella and would love to one day have a show like her.

Hopefully I will be able to fill this blog with yummy food.


7 Responses to About Michele

  1. BossMama says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I just heard you and Hugh mention your website over the radio so I just stopped by to check it out. I just wanted to check if MotherMichelina does exist.

    Since you have a passion for cooking/baking, I wish you could establish your own restaurant/catering biz in the future and of course without quitting your day job. I do think you are also very good in organizing events and occassions so you will do very well in your biz especially if you can promote it on air – hehehe.

    By the way, the Sexy Circus party was a wonderful event. It was my first time to go in that area. I wish I could have prepared better so I could have landed on some major prize 🙂 I could not wait for the next Wavetastic party. I hope we can join again. What would be a good theme for it? Have you thought of any yet? How about a sexy comic heroes/villains party?

    Goodluck to you and more power…



    • Mother Michelina says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by. Lovely to know our listeners take interest. I would love to have my own little food place in the future, but I dont feel I am ready quite yet. As much as I love cooking I dont think I can compete with the pros, but maybe one day I can do it. I hope to do a TV show on it one day.

      I really enjoyed the circus party, please next time you are at a wave event come over and say hi. I love meeting our listeners.

  2. make my day says:

    Hei Michele, I wandered over here from twitter and now am very glad i did! I’m so interested to keep reading and seeing how your exposure to two dynamic cultures have influenced your food! And…you are just like my cousins -thai/ norwegian…I’m norwegian/aussie. variety is the spice of life! cheers kari

  3. Dan Locke says:

    Does your station also stream to the US? Or are there podcasts at itunes? I would like to hear.

    • Mother Michelina says:

      We do stream over the air have to go over wavefm88.com website for more info.
      No podcasts, we havent come that far yet.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just found your blog and love it. Love the recipes that aren’t 2 pages long. Love the pictures. My husband is Thai and I am Italian American. I have learned to cook Thai for my love since my Italian Nonna taught me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I especially like your simple Thai recipes (I doublechecked and I make everything the same way..I had to make sure I was doing it right!), and your fusion Thai recipes. My good friends are Danish, so I love those Norwegian recipes as well. I think I copied just about every single recipe to my hard drive to try. Good job on the blog. You should consider writing a book.

  5. andylmoore says:

    Just found and love your blog. Love the food track concept.

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